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Watch a video of John Tudor's live performance on WIS TV for Kamie Roesler, Judi Gatson, and Madeline Cuddihy. Cards and crystal balls appear, and John reads the future assisted by Lucy the rabbit. "The world needs magic right now," John said, as he demonstrated how he's adapted to interactive virtual magic.

WIS TV news image John Tudor performs before 3 morning shows hosts.

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WIS TODAY: John Tudor shares magic tricks and discusses changes to his business

   By  WIS News 10 Staff |  May 8, 2020 at 10:10 AM EDT - Updated May 8 at 10:10 AM         

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Friday on WIS Today magician John Tudor shared some of his secrets.

 John’s  magic has been enjoyed across North America professionally for over two  decades, in theaters, corporate functions, and young people’s events.

 During the coronavirus pandemic, just like many others, Tudor has had to adjust how his business operates.

 He is offering some online shows and workshops.

 To see more of John and learn a thing or two about magic you can contact him at www.tudormagic.com, 803-351-6070 or find him on Facebook @MagicofJohnTudor.


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