John Tudor


"The audience gasped with delight at Tudor's stylish magicianship." 

                                - THE STATE NEWS

John's heartwarming magic has been enjoyed across North America professionally for over 25 years.  Tudor's mystic started at age six with the magic kit he received for Christmas, and his life is the fullfillment of that childhood dream. His style is informed by his acting and powerful voice, alternately mysterious and hilarious.

Magic Journey

John's shows are a “magical journey”, an energetic mix of imaginative stories and state-of-the-art magic. Over the years, John has also generated rave reviews for his teaching, motivational magic and inspirational speaking.

Passion and Theater

John’s magic is born out of passion and theater; and by pulling rabbits out of hats, he seeks to bring out the magic in everyone. His magic secret is his way with the audience. Everyone becomes part of a performance that  “not just entertains, but leaves the audience with opened minds.” - (Orangeburg Times)

The Tudor Rose

The red rose has been the emblem of the Tudor family 

for over five centuries. 

It is John Tudor's personal badge that symbolizes his dedication to artistic performance and teaching.