It Happens Right in your Hands

"Articulate, polished, professional appearance, good manner with attendees and guests...he managed 

to really work through the large group with charm and ease - a pleasure to work with."                                              Rhonda Cormier, Sun Life of Canada

A wave of the hand, A snap of the fingers! Objects change within a spectator's closed fist. Cards are found in impossible places, money multiplies in an instant. The atmosphere is electric and the audience wants more. With his skilled hands and brilliant presentation skills, John Tudor directly engages the audience from the tip of their funny bone to the bottom of their hearts.

John Tudor's Close Up Magic is sophisticated sleight of hand performed in roving "walk-around" format, with direct audience interaction.  This "mingle magic" is a great show in itself, or as an icebreaker to a stage event.


Break The Ice

"It is not very often that someone can just appear on the scene and make themselves at home in a strange environement. Your ability to interrupt a group having a discussion and have the happy you did is indeed a real talent...your work was 'tops'".

- Ron Mankin, Ben Arnold Heritage


Get Big Reactions

"We still don't know how you did the trick with the One Hundred dollar bill. The President and Congress should use your talents on the National debt!  Thank you for fitting us into your schedule."

- Roy Simmons, Bell Aviation

Close Up Magic Video

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