Corporate Shows

Banquets / Galas / Emcee

Interactive comedy magic show, can include close up magic. (20-60 min.)

Close Up Magic

Sleight of hand magic performed in “walk-around” format. (hourly)

Speaking and Training

The ENERGIZER!  Humorous talk with magic for meetings, break-outs, conventions.  (20-90+  min.)

Promotions / Trade Shows

Marketing magic with products, images, booth demos, etc.   (Custom)


Design of original effects and events, and coaching presenters.

Corporate Magic FAQs

How long is the show?

Stage shows are usually between 15 – 45 minutes, up to 90 minutes for motivational and theater shows. In review shows can be onstage and off in less than five minutes.

Can you customize to our theme/product/logo?

Customized/themed performances are a Tudormagic speciality!  Just call or email what you have in mind. 

Is it a “clean” show?

It’s all clean, good fun. There is no insult humor or off-color remarks.

Do you have people up from the audience?

It’s a highly interactive show, with people from the audience up on the stage to take part in making the show.

Do you travel?

Anywhere. Overnight and/or night before lodging is customary. Airline ticket fees can be billed separately.

What are your technical requirements?

One wireless lav microphone, one cord with direct box for music, one mic on stand with long cord. 

Performance areas should be at least 8 x 8 feet, and  free of podium, tables, etc

Steps should be placed at center of platform if possible.

Stage area should be as brightly lit as possible.

A typed introduction will be provided before the show, OR a pre-recorded introduction may be played.


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