Coming April 29, MAGIC WORKSHOP at Columbia Children's Theater

Magic Theater

John Tudor's Magic Theater, images of John Tudor with kids, levitation, with butterflies, dancers.

From Around the World and Thru the Ages

        State-of-the-Art Magic,  & Interactive, Original Tales and Legends

"John Tudor is a storyteller at heart and he's among a small clan of conjurors who can tell a tale and use

 magic as the 'punctuation.' He combines his professional acting background and striking good looks 

into strong and dramatic magical pieces."   -Toronto NOW magazine

One-person show, with Interactive Stories, 

Hilarious Comedy, Rabbit from a Hat!

Theater show features Levitation, Vanishing in a giant Puzzle, 

the Ancient Ritual, & appearing Special Guests. 

Be sure to ask about John's Magic Workshop.

Photos and Reviews

Magic Theater Video


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