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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Grande Illusion?”

Levitation, people appearing and disappearing, etc. John Tudor features a beautiful love story levitation, a one of a kind vanish of a woman into a modern art puzzle, and other “big tricks”.

How long is the show?

90+ minutes for Mainstage theater show with intermission. Stage shows are usually between 30 – 45 minutes. In review shows can be onstage and off in less than five minutes. Can do multiple shows per day.

Do you have an assistant? Do you use animals?

Theater/Mainstage shows and some corporate events feature a  dancer/assistant and stage manager.

Yes, a trained rabbit named Rodney is pulled out of a hat! 

Can we make someone appear or disappear? Can we choose that person?

Yes, JT can disappear and the person of your choice appears onstage in his place!  (Requires rehearsal time).

Do you have people up from the audience?

It’s a highly interactive style, with people from the audience up on the stage to take part in making the show.

Will you do interviews?

John Tudor will gladly be available for interviews. Press kits will be provided for your local media.