Lecture: Slydini’s Great Question

“Are you a magician, or do you just do tricks?”


"His lecture is really more like a workshop. I got an idea I use all the time now for one of my story pieces."

    - Jeff McBride

 Features routines with cards, coins, bills, live

 flowers, newspapers, rabbits, cigarettes, harmonicas, etc.

Acting and Showmanship is the theme, enhancing 

expressiveness and presentation skills.

For Conventions: Lecture, Stage Show, Close Up, Emcee

Performance Workshops & Coaching

"John Tudor headlined Magi-Whirl, in suburban Washington, DC. His 

lecture was great, very engaging and evocative. The magicians clearly 

loved it! He capped off our Gala Show with 45 minutes of fairy-tale,

storybook wonder...he took us all over the world! The show is street-

smart yet family-friendly, and John and his team are a joy to work with. 

Two standing ovations - TWO! That's really all you need to know!"

                - Eric Henning, Master of Ceremonies, Magi-Whirl 

Stage Show Video


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