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Grant Friendly  •  Professional, Worry Free  •  Age Appropriate  •  SCAC Approved Artist

Magic Teacher

John teaches magic in  Workshops, Classes, and Motivational Programs. Students learn magic tricks as well as positive life lessons…through  fun, entertaining workshops.

Enhances: Social Skills  Concentration Problem Solving  Imagination  Self Confidence  Motor Skills/Dexterity Public Speaking Organization of Ideas, etc.

“John, your lessons touched and changed the lives of our youth. It was one of the best events we’ve ever had, thanks for the inspiration.” -Eddie Moore,  Olympia Learning Center


Magic Class Formats

The magic workshops are highly flexible, running from 1 to 3 hours, either single program, or multiple weekly visits, with or without show, etc. (No week long residencies) Can do very small or very large groups, plus have magic staff who can do classes as well.

Begins with a performance by John,  closes with performance by the students. Tudor uses magic & humor to gain and hold attention, then teaches simple tricks that require a process of creation and imagination by the students. Adaptable to any group, all materials are either easily obtainable, or provided by John.

“I have been meaning to write and let you know what a great success our
Magic Camp last month was thanks to you.  The children that signed up for our special hands on workshop absolutely loved your presentation.  They were so curious about illusions in art, drama, science and magic.  I know they did not want you to leave at our prearranged time.  Thank you for staying longer than we planned to answer my children’s questions.”

-Betty Lou Jeffries, Broad River Elementary


“John Tudor represents the culturalization of magic…his very name means teacher.”

– Hiawatha Johnson, Jr., Randolph College




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