Magic Theater FAQ


Magic Theater FAQ

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Technical Requirements


Frequently Asked Questions

What does John Tudor do?

There are several shows: Magic Theater (World Culture Storytelling Magic) and The Magic Is In You! (Schools: Character Education), as well as “pure entertainment.” All of the shows use magic as a means to capture and hold attention, and then delivers the message/content of the theme.

What is “Grande Illusion?”

Levitation, people appearing and disappearing, etc. John Tudor features a beautiful love story levitation, a one of a kind vanish of a woman into a modern art puzzle, and other “big tricks”.

Can it be done outside?

Yes, but generally prefer to be indoors.

How long is the show?

Stage shows are usually between 30 – 45 minutes, up to 90+ minutes for Mainstage theater shows. Close up magic is done on an hourly basis.  In review shows can be onstage and off in less than five minutes. Can do multiple shows per day.

What is needed for the performance? Need a stage?

A stage is not necessary, but HIGHLY recommended, as magic is visual and must be clearly seen. Some audiences (such as small children) are better without a stage. Request steps at center from stage to audience floor, or (at least) 10’x15’ well lit area, audience in front. Sound system is provided (need one 110 outlet), request wireless lavalier microphone. JT provides music and player(s). SEE Technical Requirements

How do we prepare for this?

JT deals directly with the technical director, house manager, or set-up person in order to create the performance space and take care of all the technical aspects, sound, etc.

What is “close up magic”?

Sleight of hand that happens mingling  with the audience, right in people’s hands, with cards, money, borrowed objects…the signature trick being the changing of a dollar bill into a hundred dollar bill. Often booked with stage show.

What are the fees? How are they billed?

Please call or email for event fees and price list. TERMS: JT will provide a contract and invoice, some events may require a 50% deposit. Will accept purchase orders.

Is it a “clean” show?

Of course. It’s all clean, good fun. There is no insult humor or off-color remarks.

Can you customize to our theme/event?

Customized/themed performances are a Tudormagic speciality!  Just call or email what you have in mind. All performances are audience and age appropriate.  You will be sent a Program Customization Form.

Do you have people up from the audience?

It’s a highly interactive style, with people from the audience up on the stage to take part in making the show.

Can we make someone appear or disappear? Can we choose who to have in the show?

See the Executive Production, in which JT disappears and the person of your choice appears onstage! Larger stage shows can feature special guests in illusions, i.e. a lady from the audience being sawed in half by her biggest competitiors, etc.

Do you need someone to make an Introduction?

A printed introduction will be provided to read before the show, OR a pre-recorded introduction may be played.

Do you travel?


How about travel expenses?

Overnight and/or night before lodging is customary. Airline ticket fees main can be billed separately.

Do you have an assistant?

Theater/Mainstage shows and some corporate events feature a full staff of dancer/assistants and technicians.

Will you do interviews?

John Tudor will gladly be available for interviews after the show(s) as time permits. Press releases will be provided for your local media.

Do you use animals?

Yes, a trained rabbit named Nosey is pulled out of a hat! A classic with a new twist…different from anything you’ve ever seen before.

Guaranteed standing ovation!



Show requirements are minimal, John Tudor is know for flexibility.

JT generally provides sound system & music player, as well as wired microphone.

Request : 1 microphone stand, whatever special lighting is possible.


JT will need to park as close as possible to show site, and will seek a private area near stage for costume change. All show equipment comes in small cart JT provides. At least 60 to 90 minutes set-up time is required, and at least thirty minutes break-down/load-out time.

For multiple performances, please schedule 30 minutes in between shows to reset props, etc. The program generally is twenty minutes to one hour long.  Please inform JT in advance of any time constraints.


Stage areas should be at least 8-12 feet deep and 10-16 feet wide, slightly larger if possible. (Solo performances may be done on smaller stages.)

Please have an aisle down the middle of the audience.  For stage presentations, request steps from the stage to the audience floor placed at the center.

On portable platform stages, request that legs be locked in place and sections locked together for stability (portable stages have collapsed during shows!). Stage/show area is to be clean and free of podium, tables, etc.

Please have any bells or announcements to auditorium shut off for the duration of the show. In gymnasiums, basketball hoops and banners/flags in front of the stage should be raised, if possible.


Stage area should be as brightly lit as possible, in GENERAL WASH, and the use of any existing special stage lighting or spotlights is encouraged.


A typed introduction will be provided before the show, OR a pre-recorded introduction may be played.



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