The Magic Is In You! Reviews


The Magic Is In You! Reviews

“Your preformance was very meaningful, as well as being fun and facinating. As much impact as you had on youth and adults, alike, during your show, it was noticeable the impact you continued to have during the time following your performance. rarely were you seen without a group around you. These Exchanges continued to be magical in every way. You have much to share with young people, and they respond to you. That is a very special gift indeed. We wish you continued success as you perform for the young people of America!”
-Carolyn Elliott, Arkansas Dept. of Education

“We were looking for an entertaining program, one that incorporate Character Education for our students, and Mr. Tudor was successful at accomplishing our goals. I was most impressed with his promptness in returning my calls, his attention to every detail, including a questionnaire asking for specific objectives to make his performance personalized, and advertising aids to help promote the show. I was confident all details were addressed, he made my job much easier. The Magic of John Tudor is a phenomenal show. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to captivate their audience.”

-Julie Fallaw, Leaphart Elementary School, Columbia, SC

“We gave you a tough crowd, with our mix of adults and adolescents, but you handled it well. Your magic was good, and the “message” angle worked quite nicely for everyone who was there. Thanks for the work you do, and I look forward to working with you again.”

-Kathleen Hinchman, Liberty Partnership, Syracuse, NY

“I can’t begin to tell you how much the students enjoyed the show. Not only did I marvel at your magic talents, I was also impressed with your ability to handle the large crowd. Keeping a group of 550 K-5 students focused and involved for an hour is no easy task-especially when it is the end of the day and they are seated on the floor. But you did it with ease! Before you had even packed and gotten out of the building, I had at least ten teachers comment that your presentation was the best assembly we’ve had. Considering that Elvis has been in our building, the principal has flown over in a plane, we’ve had hula dancers, and the list goes on…I would say that your presentation spoke to the ‘heart’ of our program.”

-Mary Ellenberg, Pinecrest Elementary, Greenwood, SC

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