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Slydini’s Great Question  – Lecture Notes

“Are You A Magician, Or Do You Just Do Tricks?”

Coin and Wand Routine, Newspaper Balance, Impossible

Rabbit Production, Poetic Blooming Flower

Productions, Spinning Silent Ring Links.

27 pages, 123 photos + 4 page Upgrade.

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$20.00 (postpaid)



Impossible Rabbit Production

Teach a spectator to perform a

stunt (Newspaper Balance),

then produce a live rabbit

from a well examined hat!

12 pages, 15 photos.

$10.00 (postpaid)



Khayyam’s Coin

(Coin and Wand Routine)

Close Up routine using

simple props and

classic poetry.

16 pages, 30 photos

$10.00 (postpaid)


flowernotes Coleridge’s Rose

Make flowers bloom in the palm

of your hand! Three productions

of real flowers, with items by

Robert Neale and Richard Robinson.

12 pages, 32 photos.

$10.00 (postpaid)



Blooming Flower (Trick)

Two different flower

productions, silk,

gimmicks, and four

pages of instructions.

$20.00 (postpaid)


mag-theacover_img Magic Theater (Of The Spoken Word)

Lecture Notes

One Card Pete, Starcle, The Box Vanish,

plus three essays: “Leak In The Universe”, “Theater of Wonder”,

“Acting & Showmanship In Magic”
37 pages, illustrated.

$15.00 (postpaid)



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