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“John Tudor is a storyteller at heart and he’s among a small clan of conjurors who can tell a tale and use magic as the ‘punctuation.’ He combines his professional acting background and striking good looks into strong and dramatic magical pieces.”

-Toronto NOW magazine


Magic Stories From Around The World And Through The Ages

Come on a journey to other lands and cultures. See illusions through the ages.  Experience stories that expand your horizons. Learn magic that you too can perform!  Tudor spins the antique Globe, and our journey begins…

Theater/Mainstage – Full theatrical show, with lead dancer and technicians.

Children’s Stage – Solo show for family audiences (arts festivals, museums, etc.)

“‘The Incredible John Tudor’ – an Inside Magic favorite – was at home on the Gala stage as he interacted with the kids in the front row, pulled a rabbit from a young volunteer’s hat, balanced a sheet of newspaper vertically on his nose, and generally worked the room. Tudor – as well documented in the past, is a consummate performer. Very smooth in execution and timing, very impressive, very clever and even sweet. What stands out, however, and sets Mr. Tudor apart from almost every magician we have ever seen: his thing is using magic to tell a story, or telling a story to present magic. Whichever the combination, it works. It was, in keeping with his Renaissance persona, as if he was holding court and we were welcomed guests. It played tremendously…he had us laughing to the point of hysterics.”

-Tim Quinlan, from Inside Magic


Interactive magical stories give your audience a glimpse into other lands and times. Creates  an atmosphere of  wonder, using  original routines,  ornate costumes, and world music in a distinctive modern style. Magical stories give your audience a glimpse into other lands and times,  and the cultural experiences can be enhanced with study guide and resources.  Portraying multiple characters in his high energy  performances,  John Tudor goes beyond trickery to deeply touch your audience’s hearts and minds.



RINGS – A Chinese Fable: Drawing Down The Moon

LEVITATION – A Fairy Tale Love Story

CUPS -From Egypt Into Europe: The Oldest Trick In The World

STAR – Wish Paper: From Persia (The Birthplace of Magic)

CARDS – One Card Pete  (Louisiana Blues Magic)

CARD SWORD – The Sword of El Duco: A Latin Mystery

PUZZLE – She Vanishes in a Modern Art Puzzle

John levitates a woman.

“His particular style uses magic for some very literate storytelling. “Magic is much deeper, more complex than people can imagine.” Tudor, whose deep green eyes and creative facial hair would allow him to go back in time and pass as a medieval royal court magician, said the same illusions that fooled audiences 1000 years ago still fool them today…”

-Sarah Sabalos, The State News


Grant Friendly  •  Professional, Worry Free  •  Audience Appropriate  •  NEA/SCAC Approved Artist

“John Tudor’s “Magic Theatre” performance was one of the best magic shows that I have ever seen.  Tudor’s program included four additional top notch magicians whose performances blended well into the overall program.  John is the comsumate performer and held the varied program together with his wit, humor and stage presence.  The large audience thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening.”

-Booth Chilcutt, Sumter Opera House




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