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Summer Reading Show

Summer Reading Video

Fun and educational show with magic, stories, and lots of audience interaction…designed to let you relax and enjoy, guarranteed!

The kids and parents are taken on a magical journey thru a world of magic that all relates to the books on your shelves, and encourages them to read, read, read.

John Tudor has performed Library/Reading shows for over two decades, for groups as small as a handful, to as large as 2000.

“The children were not just entertained, but were left  with opened minds as to what they could do and experience for themselves.”

– Lorene Dennis, Orangeburg Co. Library


John Tudor’s Magic Theater

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Original Magic Stories From Around The World And Through The Ages

Come on a journey to other lands and cultures. See illusions through the ages.  Experience stories that expand your horizons. Learn magic that you too can perform!  Tudor spins the antique Globe, and our journey begins…

“His particular style uses magic for some very literate storytelling. “Magic is much deeper, more complex than people can imagine.” Tudor, whose deep green eyes and creative personal look would allow him to go back in time and pass as a medieval royal court magician, said the same illusions that fooled audiences 1000 years ago still fool them today…”

-Sarah Sabalos, The State News


Adult Literacy Programs   •   Staff In-Service Programs

The Magic Is In You! motivational show, designed to uplift and entertain your staff. Teaches magical means of communication, stress reduction, and ongoing inspiration; and John teaches some simple tricks that can be used in any situation. (45 min., 9 min, 3 hour formats).

“John, thanks for your presentation at our Adult Literacy Recognition. Your script reflected time, effort, and interest in the persons who would be in attendance. I have witnessed magicians before but but I have never experienced a program with such specific content. The excitement reflected in the expressions of person of all ages was a delight to observe. Sometimes the adults watched with such intensity that they forgot where they were and squealed with delight.”

-Dorothy Reese, Adult Reading Program, Richland County, SC




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