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Grant Friendly  •   Age Appropriate  • Approved Artist


Magic Theater    •    Pure Entertainment  •  World Culture Storytelling Magic


John Tudor’s Magic Theater More Information •   Reviews •  FAQ

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Pure Entertainment  •   Magic Legends From Around The World And Through The Ages

Combining pure entertainment with artistic telling of tales, Tudor’s interactive magical stories give your audience a glimpse into other lands and times. Creates  an atmosphere of  wonder, using  original routines,  ornate costumes, and world music in a distinctive modern style.

“John Tudor is a storyteller at heart and he’s among a small clan of conjurors who can tell a tale and use magic as the ‘punctuation.’ He combines his professional acting background and striking good looks into strong and dramatic magical pieces.”

-Toronto NOW magazine


The Magic is In You!   •   Character Education / Positive Motivation



The Magic Is In You! More Information •  Reviews •    FAQ

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Exciting, Interactive Magical Inspiration & Personal Testimony

Motivate and uplift your students, while giving them fun and amazement! The Magic Is In You! is a high energy, interactive stage show for school assemblies and educational conferences, stressing positive values through the “magic” of personal choices.

“John, your lessons touched and changed the lives of our youth. It was one of the best events we’ve ever had, thanks for the inspiration.”

-Eddie Moore,  Olympia Learning Center


Teacher In Service

A “grown up” version of The Magic Is In You!, designed to uplift and entertain your teaching staff. Magical means of communication, stress reduction, and ongoing inspiration are the topics; and John teaches tricks that can be used in any classroom. (45 min., 9 min, 3 hour formats).




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