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High Energy, High Impact Entertainment  •  Client Friendly  •  Professional, Worry Free  •  Audience Appropriate

Make Your Next Event “…A Class Act!”

“John is a ‘Class Act’ and goes far beyond the usual magician’s capabilities. Thanks for a tremendous performance and a professional approach.”

-Peter Burroughs, Coca Cola

“You are a class act, John, and so is (your assistant) Amy. Thanks for an outstanding performance.”

Tim Werber, VP, Datacare

“I think you are as good a magician as I’ve ever seen. You really are a “class act.”

-W. Faison Barnes, Total Health Seminars


For more than twenty years, John Tudor has been cleverly combining comedy, charisma, and state of the art illusion to  entertain and inspire. With his brilliant presentation skills,  John Tudor engages the audience from the tip of their funny bone to the bottom of their hearts. Is boosting your corporate image at the top of your agenda, or would you just like to add flair to your next meeting or celebration?  Tudor can take it beyond the ordinary.

“I liked his attention to detail, reliability, high degree of organization, professionalism…and I’ve never seen an audience so wowed by an entertainer.”

-Vickie Patterson, Director, Manufacturer’s Alliance


Marketing Magic

Rolling out a new product, or introducing a new idea?  John Tudor creates custom motivational/marketing magic, featuring “targeted” concepts and visuals for powerful impact and information retention.  or make the person, mascot, or product of your choice magically appear. He’s achieved remarkable results for his clients by combining marketing programs and magic in custom designed industrial promotions,  including Coca-Cola, General Mills, Char-Broil, Weight Watchers, and The Bell System.

Motivational Magic

A powerful keynote speaker, Tudor has successfully fused theatrical techniques with behavior changing concepts and “targeted” visuals in motivational magic shows, carrying the theme of empowering the individual, with the accent on audience interaction (and comedy).  Using the magic and fun interaction to  gain attention, the personal testimony facilitates meaningful understanding. The program script is fully customized  to your issues with magic used to illustrate key points.


img_0242 4a-close-up

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and was mesmerized by your work, it was hilarious and unbelievable.  I truly believe that if everyone were as professional, considerate, and friendly as you the world would indeed be a better place.”

-Gale H. Cone, Carlisle Tire


Services Provided See Also Corporate Magic FAQ

Speaking and Training Humorous keynote speech with magic, and powerful personal testimony.

Sales Meetings Motivational magic for meetings, break-outs, conventions; with custom script.

Promotions / Trade Shows Marketing magic with products, images, ad specialties, booth demos, etc.

Banquets / Galas / Emcee Interactive comedy magic for “after meals”, with close up magic.

Close Up Sleight of hand magic performed in “walk-around” format.

Consulting Designing, writing, and creating original effects and events, and coaching presenters.

Family Events Fun, interactive shows designed for family audiences.

Guest Talent Magicians, DJs, Mimes, Jugglers, Balloon Twisters, Musicians, etc.




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