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“John Tudor has a unique way of drawing from the audience and he encourages interaction. With a bit of briefing, he was able to include some of Symtech’s ‘inside jokes’ and made everyone feel at ease. We enjoyed his performance (standing ovation) and received many compliments from our employees. We highly recommend him for your organization’s entertainment!”

-Marlene Lankford, Symtech, Inc.

“Everyone really enjoyed the show. Your humor is wonderful and your skills superb. I am still baffled by how you got that star out of the round paper! You were the highlight of the conference!”

-Donald Silberstein, Global Connections

“Your performance kept the audience spellbound. In my fourteen years with MCEC, I have never seen an audience as quiet and attentive as they were for your performance. With a crowd of over 5,000, it’s difficult to find entertainment that is pleasing to everyone. But you succeeded!  Adults, children, bankers, and farmers were captured by your mystic.”

-Jan Bonette, MCEC

“Your performance amazed and surprised the people…they were impressed, informed and entertained, and I’m convinced our image improved.”

-Alan Wirt, Marketing Director, Datacare

“Remarkable!!! I attended a luncheon where John performed and it was something else. Much better than those magic shows that you see on TV. Seeing a performer in person really makes all the difference and John is a GREAT performer.”

Jack Heape, Manager, Columbia Home Service Providers

“John did a stand up comedy magic show for our Christmas Banquet,  and was very well received by the large audience. I especially remember that he solicited information from us before the show to get personal details on our company/employees to make the show “fit” for our particular event, which was great! “

-Caroline Brazell, State Farm Insurance

“As the keynote speaker, you were the perfect touch to kick off our conference. Participants thoroughly enjoyed your message, and I don’t think they can get over the “magic”! We were all very impressed…best wishes for continued success in bringing “magic” into everyone’s lives.”

-Cookie Grafton – Volusia Conference

” I saw John Tudor at a recent contractors conference in Charleston SC and he was a real treat. I was surpised, entertained, and barffled all at the same time. Would love to see him again”.

-David Lucas – Charleston Painters

“John is a ‘Class Act’ and goes far beyond the usual magician’s capabilities. Thanks for a tremendous performance and a professional approach.”

-Peter Burroughs, Coca Cola

“John is one of those very special performers that can light up an audience for you. If you need to motivate your group, then have him warm them up for you!”

-Gary Bloom, Kyoto Collection

“I liked his attention to detail, reliability, high degree of organization, professionalism…and I’ve never seen an audience so wowed by an entertainer.”

-Vickie Patterson, Director, Manufacturer’s Alliance

“John Tudor is an excellent example of a modern day wizard. His magic is artistic, entertaining, and astounding as he weaves his message and stories within every presentation. He challenges your perception, stimulates your imagination, and excites your world of possibilities with his magic. As instructor, John uses everything bit of his technical knowledge, theatrical skill, as he captors the emotions to get his message across. His knowledge of the voice and stage presentation skills are extremely useful in completing the performance of any magical production. I was happy that John agreed to participate in our workshop and pleased with his presentations and insight.”

-Steve Hart, Magic 2 Motivate

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and was mesmerized by your work, it was hilarious and unbelievable.  I truly believe that if everyone were as professional, considerate, and friendly as you the world would indeed be a better place.”

-Gale H. Cone, Carlisle Tire

“John is a very strong performer. He keeps his audiences attention focused, completing the magical tricks with flair and humor. A pleasure to watch.”

-Kenneth Peyton, First Home Health Care

“John was the entertainment at a reception for a wedding where I performed the ceremony. I had never heard of having a magic act as reception entertainment but it was hilarious. Particularly the part where he made all sorts of things disappear in his “magic box”.  Great entertainment and a superb performance.”

Mason Dixon, The Wedding Notary

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