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What Does John Tudor Do? / How long is the show?

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Requirements


What Does John Tudor Do? / How long is the show?

Speaking and Training Humorous keynote speech with magic, and powerful personal testimony.  (20-90+  min.)

Sales Meetings Motivational magic for meetings, break-outs, conventions; with custom script.  (20-90+  min.)

Promotions / Trade Shows Marketing magic with products, images, ad specialties, booth demos, etc.   (Custom)

Banquets / Galas / Emcee Interactive comedy magic for “after meals”, with close up magic. (30-60 min.)

Close Up Sleight of hand magic performed in “walk-around” format. (hourly)

Consulting Designing, writing, and creating original effects and events, and coaching presenters.

Family Events Fun, interactive shows designed for family audiences.   (20-45 min.)

Guest Talent Magicians, DJs, Mimes, Jugglers, Balloon Twisters, Musicians, etc.


Speaking and Training

Tudor’s keynote speech is called The Magic Is In You!, and carries the theme of empowering the individual, with the accent on audience interaction (and comedy). Once shot and left for dead by criminals, Tudor’s life was saved by magic coins he carried. He recounts his own experience of recovering and growing. Using the magic and fun interaction to  gain attention, the personal testimony facilitates meaningful understanding. For association and corporate audiences the program script is fully customized  to your issues with magic used to illustrate key points, and casual sleight of hand magic is performed beforehand to break the ice.

Other topics include:  “Magical Communication Techniques”,  “Creativity Magic: Opening the Window of Your Mind”,  “Magical Inspirations”. As a Trainer, John Tudor’s theatrical skills makes him particularly captivating.

“We have now reviewed all the comments on the evaluations for your appearance at our conference. They were overwhelmingly positive about your motivational presentation/performance. Thank you for your cooperation in our planning phase as well. You were an important part of the success of the conference.”

-Linda Sparkman, Texas Dept. of Human Services

“John Tudor is an excellent example of a modern day wizard. His magic is artistic, entertaining, and astounding as he weaves his message and stories within every presentation. He challenges your perception, stimulates your imagination, and excites your world of possibilities with his magic. As instructor, John uses everything bit of his technical knowledge, theatrical skill, as he captors the emotions to get his message across. His knowledge of the voice and stage presentation skills are extremely useful in completing the performance of any magical production. I was happy that John agreed to participate in our workshop and pleased with his presentations and insight.”

-Steve Hart, Magic 2 Motivate

“Since you performed before the members of our group, from all over the country, my phone has rung nonstop with highly complimentary comments on your amazing performance. Most important, you conveyed messages appropriate to the purpose of the gathering. The points you made were emphatic. The means you used imprinted those messages firmly in the minds of the hundreds who were your audience. all of us consider your talk the highlight of our conference.”

-Don Paul, Air Force Veterans


Sales Meetings

Want to get your people “pumped up?” Motivational magic for sales meetings, break-out sessions, and conventions are a Tudor Magic speciality, combining big excitement with a carefully created comedic script.  John Tudor will research your organization and conceive an original entertainment designed to inspire and educate your group, featuring “targeted” concepts and comedy visuals. The magic routines make positive imaging tools for powerful impact and information retention. Custom-tailored to fit your needs and desires, John Tudor weaves influential topics or business messages into his hilarious show’s script.

“Thank you, John, for entertaining our employees at our monthly meeting. Your ability to tailor your talk, ‘The Magic is In You!’, to suit our needs and attention to detail were flawless. As the standing ovation showed, our employees enjoyed your performance and your enthusiasm was contagious.”

– Chris Seay, Wachovia Mortgage

“Taking the sales principles I wanted to cover and turning them into interactive magic routines was no easy task, I was glad to see you were so diligent and well-prepared. It’s important for companies like ours to have seminars like this, and it’s a distinct advantage to have something different from the usual type of speakers. You did a really good job, the “Motivational Magic” show that you presented was a real winner”

-Margaret Ann Trimble, Russell Jeffcoat Realty

“Your “Showmanship of Salesmanship” performance for our national sales meeting was fantastic. The use of magic to emphasize the key points of selling is unique. All our people enjoyed and learned from the evening. You’re the best we’ve seen!”

– B.E. Lattimore, Rutledge Educational System


Promotions / Trade Shows

Rolling out a new product, or introducing a new idea?  John Tudor’s marketing magic happens with your products, images, and key individuals. The magic routines make positive imaging tools for powerful impact and information retention. He can make the person, mascot, or product of your choice magically appear; and create custom magic effects and ad specialities. Either for the mass public, or at specialized trade shows, Tudor’s magic can make your prospect stop, be dazzled, and remember your information.

“Booking John Tudor to develop a promotional kickoff for the Tasco line of optics was a wise decision on my part if I may blow my own horn a bit. With a very short lead time, your organization and you in particular did a great job in designing a program that fit the product as well as the audience…great for anyone needing that extra push to get a product or service going.”

-Richard Kinnick, The Parker Company

“Although I was initially nervous about the scope of the show, you came in and just set everything in order and calmed my concerns.  Your expertise in scripting the show, handling all light and sound and most importantly your patience and humor in working with a bunch of amateurs was invaluable, you made my job in organizing our annual meeting a cinch. Needless to say, our team is still talking about appearing and disappearing, being sawn in half, and of course I got to levitate! You made us all stars and everyone is trying to guess our magic secrets. Everyone has commented on how much they enjoyed working with you!”

– Susan Cohen, Underground Atlanta

“Let me say what a pleasure it was to work with you on our trade show. It was evident the amount of preparation you undertook to draw and hold crowds at our booth in the exhibit hall, they loved your humor and your sleight of hand…especially the hilarious comparison of our products to a mythical “Brand X”, which was the hit of the show!”

-Rick Cothran, President, American Blueprint


Banquets / Galas / Emcee

After a meal is a great time for entertainment, and John has performed in a huge variety of venues, with interactive stand up comedy magic. Need an emcee? Can do a full show or short one, mixed with roving magic (in-between band sets on the dance floor, etc.). Have a special Gala theme? Performing in unique character costumes is a great speciality!

“John’s stand up comedy magic show for our Christmas banquet was very well received by the large audience… I especially remember that he solicited information from us before the show to get personal details on our company/employees to make the show “fit” for our particular event, which was great! “

-Caroline Brazell, State Farm Insurance

“You were wonderful! Thanks for making our Gala Magical. Evaluations were overwhelmingly positive about the entire conference, with particular emphasis placed on the ‘Gala’. Thanks also for serving as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. You did a great job of making this a professionally run operation.”

-Earl Turner, SC DHEC

“John was marvelous at our Dinner, I believe I have had more compliments on this program than any other in all the years I have been involved with the planning of our functions.”

-Carol Bruorton, Pond Branch Telephone


Close Up See Also Close Up Page

Close Up (or Roving) is sophisticated sleight of hand magic performed in “walk-around” format, mingling directly with the audience. No stage (or anything) is required, but still can be beautifully customized to your theme, logo, or event. Cards, coins, hundred dollar bills, all the magic happens in the spectator’s hands!

“It is not very often that someone can just appear on the scene and make themselves at home in a strange environement. Your ability to interrupt a group having a discussion and have the happy you did is indeed a real talent…your work was ‘tops'”.

-Ron Mankin, Ben Arnold Heritage

“The sleight of hand illusions were really unbelievable. The personal contact and participation during his ‘roving performance’ really added the ‘magic touch.’ Our employees are still amazed by this great performer. Never have we enjoyed such delightful entertainment. John Tudor is the greatest magician most of us have had the opportunity to see in person. His personality can only be described as beautiful, and the manner in which he performed was exemplary. Possessing such a congenial sense of humor, his jokes will keep you rolling. Tudor is the most enchanting entertainment anyone could desire…”

-James Ewart, US Construction, Company

“Articulate, polished, professional appearance, good manner with attendees and guests…he managed to really work through the group with charm and ease – a pleasure to work with.”

-Rhonda Cormier, Sun Life of Canada



Whether you are creating a full program from scratch, need special effects (live or video), or just some coaching for a one-time event; John Tudor can help.  With a background in both live performance and television, coaching and speaking, graphic design, theater effects, etc. his skills and insights can take your project to “the next level”.

“In particular I want you to know that I appreciate working with people who are creative problem solvers and who are willing to do whatever it takes to put on the most creative as well as the most efficiently run production possible.  John Tudor certainly fits that catagory.”

-Gay Goodnite, Char-Broil

“I am most pleased with the care and attention to detail you exhibited before and after arriving…and all the participants had a great time. On a personal note, I want to thank you for helping me out in preparing my “magic” performance and creating the tricks for me! You did a superior job in making me comfortable with the necessary understanding of how each trick worked and I even got a few raves on my performance! I will highly recommend you to anyone who wishes to have a professional put on a high class performance aimed at superior entertainment.”

-Stephen Duff, Compulife

“The ‘Magical Matinee’ performance was absolutely fabulous, and your contributions to planning the event were invaluable. I really appreciated your work with the script, staging, and sequence of the program. The theme would not have been possible without you, and your professional delivery and polish as a host were also evident. You made it all seem so easy, thanks to your creativity and talent, and they had a creative, fun, and informative opening ceremony.”

-Angela Powers, Richland District One


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the show?

Stage shows are usually between 30 – 45 minutes, up to 90 minutes for motivational and theater shows. Close up magic is done on an hourly basis.  In review shows can be onstage and off in less than five minutes. Can do multiple shows per day.

What is needed for the performance? Need a stage?

A stage is not necessary, but HIGHLY recommended, as magic is visual and must be clearly seen. Request steps at center from stage to audience floor, or (at least) 10’x15’ well lit area, audience in front. Sound system may be provided (need one 110 outlet), request wireless lavalier microphone. JT provides music and player(s). SEE Technical Requirements

How do we prepare for this?

JT deals directly with the technical director, house manager, or set-up person in order to create the performance space and take care of all the technical aspects, sound, etc.

What is “close up magic”?

Sleight of hand that happens mingling  with the audience, right in people’s hands, with cards, money, borrowed objects…the signature trick being the changing of a dollar bill into a hundred dollar bill. Often booked with stage show.

What are the fees? How are they billed?

Please call or email for event fees and price list. TERMS: JT will provide a contract and invoice, some events may require a 50% deposit. Will accept purchase orders.

Can it be done outside?

Yes, but generally prefer to be indoors.

Is it a “clean” show?

It’s all clean, good fun. There is no insult humor or off-color remarks.

Can you customize to our theme/product/logo?

Customized/themed performances are a Tudormagic speciality!  Just call or email what you have in mind. All performances are audience and age appropriate.  You will be sent a Program Customization Form.

Do you have people up from the audience?

It’s a highly interactive style, with people from the audience up on the stage to take part in making the show.

Can we make someone appear or disappear? Can we choose who to have in the show?

See the Executive Production, in which JT disappears and the person of your choice appears onstage! Larger stage shows can feature special guests in illusions, i.e. a lady from the audience being sawed in half by her biggest competitiors, etc.

Do you need someone to make an Introduction?

A printed introduction will be provided to read before the show, OR a pre-recorded introduction may be played.

Do you travel?


How about travel expenses?

Overnight and/or night before lodging is customary. Airline ticket fees main can be billed separately.

Do you have an assistant?

Theater/Mainstage shows and some corporate events feature a full staff of dancer/assistants and technicians.

Will you do interviews?

John Tudor will gladly be available for interviews after the show(s) as time permits. Press releases will be provided for your local media.

Do you use animals?

Yes, a trained rabbit named Nosey is pulled out of a hat! A classic with a new twist…different from anything you’ve ever seen before.

Guaranteed standing ovation!

Do you work for kids/families/employees groups?

JT does a great show just for family groups. As an add-on at conferences, we can do a separate children’s matinee held in the afternoon while the conference is going on, etc.


Technical Requirements

Show requirements are minimal, John Tudor is know for flexibility.

JT generally provides sound system & music, as well as wired microphone.

Request: 1 microphone stand, whatever special lighting is possible.


For multiple performances, please schedule 30 minutes in between shows to reset props, etc. The program generally is twenty minutes to one hour long.  Please inform JT in advance of any time constraints. JT will need to park as close as possible to show site, and will seek a private area near stage for costume change. All show equipment comes in small cart JT provides. At least ninety minutes set-up time is required, and at least thirty minutes break-down/load-out time.


Stage areas should be at least 8-12 feet deep and 10-16 feet wide, slightly larger if possible. (Solo performances may be done on smaller stages.) Please request steps from the stage to the audience floor placed at the center. On platform stages request that legs be locked in place and sections locked together for stability (portable stages have collapsed during shows!). Stage/show area is to be clean and free of podium, tables, etc.  One 110 outlet is required for the sound system, and a microphone stand. Please have an aisle down the middle of the audience if possible.


Stage area should be as brightly lit as possible, in GENERAL WASH, and the use of any existing special stage lighting or spotlights is encouraged.


Performer will provide:  Minidisc/CD for music

REQUEST Wireless microphone, either 3 available XLR wall jacks,  or 3 channel mixer  (for wireless mic, minidisc, and podium mic).

1 long extension cord (black, if available), 1 long XLR mic cord, 1 chair, 1 small “two top” size table.


A typed introduction will be provided before the show, OR a pre-recorded introduction may be played.


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