Close Up


John Tudor’s Close Up Magic is sophisticated sleight of hand performed in roving “walk-around” format, with direct audience interaction.  This “mingle magic” is a great show in itself, or as an icebreaker to a stage event.

For audiences large or small, when the magic happens in the spectator’s hands, the reactions are unbelievable!

A wave of the hand, A snap of the fingers! Objects change within a spectator’s closed fist. Cards are found in impossible places, money multiplies in an instant. The atmosphere is electric and the audience wants more. With his skilled hands and brilliant presentation skills, John Tudor directly engages the audience from the tip of their funny bone to the bottom of their hearts.


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“Articulate, polished, professional appearance, good manner with attendees and guests…he managed to really work through the large group with charm and ease – a pleasure to work with.”

-Rhonda Cormier, Sun Life of Canada

“We still don’t know how you did the trick with the One Hundred dollar bill. The President and Congress should use your talents to address  the National debt!  Thank you for fitting us into your schedule.”

-Roy Simmons, Bell Aviation

“The way you mingled with the crowd and did magic tricks right in front of our eyes was awesome. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and was mesmerized by your work, it was hilarious and unbelievable.  I truly believe that if everyone were as professional, considerate and friendly as you the world would indeed be a better place.”

-Gale H. Cone, Carlisle Tire

“I can’t tell you how thrilled people were with your performance…and your friendliness and kindness endeared you to everyone. By the end of the evening we all felt you were part of our BC family.”

-Susan Wigglesworth, Blue Cross/Blue Shield

“It is not very often that someone can just appear on the scene and make themselves at home in a strange environement. Your ability to interrupt a group having a discussion and have the happy you did is indeed a real talent…your work was ‘tops'”.

-Ron Mankin, Ben Arnold Heritage

“The sleight of hand illusions were really unbelievable. The personal contact and participation during his ‘roving performance’ really added the ‘magic touch.’ Our employees are still amazed by this great performer. Never have we enjoyed such delightful entertainment. John Tudor is the greatest magician most of us have had the opportunity to see in person. His personality can only be described as beautiful, and the manner in which he performed was exemplary. Possessing such a congenial sense of humor, his jokes will keep you rolling. Tudor is the most enchanting entertainment anyone could desire…”

-James Ewart, US Construction, Company

“Everyone LOVED the Magic!  I thought that “playing the crowd” worked out perfectly and really helped contribute to the carnival/festival atmosphere.   Many people said so many wonderful things about you and your show.  Your personality certainly lends itself to your chosen profession. You’re quite fascinating in action! Being able to take in your show “up close and personal” as you wandered the crowd really makes for a jaw-dropping experience. HUGE thanks to you again for participating.”

-Tammy Jenkins, Unitarian Universalist Church

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