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“The audience gasped with delight at

Tudor’s stylish magicianship.”


John has an electric personality.

John’s heartwarming magic has been enjoyed across North America professionally since 1987. He appears in theaters and television, for Fortune 500 companies, and for schools and conferences.  His shows are a “magical journey”, an energetic mix of imaginative stories and state-of-the-art magic. Over the years, John has also generated rave reviews for his motivational magic and inspirational speaking. John’s magic is born out of passion and theater; and by pulling rabbits out of hats, he seeks to bring out the magic in everyone. His magic secret is his way with the audience. Everyone becomes part of a performance that  “not just entertains, but leaves the audience with opened minds.” – (Orangeburg Times)Tudor’s mystic started at age six with the magic kit he received for Christmas, and his life is the fullfillment of that childhood dream. His style is often compared favorably to Garrison Keillor and Orson Welles…as he speaks in a stirring, dramatic voice; his magical work is exhilarating, alternately mysterious and hilarious.


John Tudor’s shows begin with startling “visual effects” ; from there his magic stories carry the audience through a unique, cultured form of magic. Tudor’s original magical pieces are very theatrical;  from fairy tale romance, to struggles with cosmic forces, pulling the heart strings and touching the funny bone. John is accompanied by a full staff of dancer/assistants and technicians at larger venues.


John’s business clients (such as Wachovia, Smith Barney, Comcast, and Bell South) enjoy customized shows in marketing and training areas. His motivational speaking springs from being shot in 1989, his life being saved by magic coins he carries in his pockets,  inspiring others to overcome personal obstacles.


His first television special, “John Tudor’s Magic Theater” was broadcast by SC Educational Television in 2005, and can be seen on Youtube. His school motivational show. “The Magic Is In You!” video of this show received multiple awards, including a First Place Silver Telly Award.


Tudor is also a teacher and author, operating the Tudor Magic School at his home studio, as well as groups and events for magicians. He lectures at magic gatherings, such as The Art and Theory of Magic Symposium, the Mystery School; and Kidshow Guru Braintrust.  John also provides workshops for adult and family audiences.

Professional Credits

• John Tudor has been seen by millions of people with his successful performances onstage and television. He has performed his high energy interactive show in a wide variety of venues including The Riviera in Palm Springs, CA, The Breakers in West Palm Beach, The Glenn Gould Theater in Toronto, and The Lone Star Theater in Houston.

• The Magic of John Tudor is very popular with corporate clients including Eastman Kodak, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Char-Broil, Nationwide Insurance, Sara Lee, Weight Watchers, and the Bell System.

• John is a powerful speaker as well, using magic to illustrate ideas for such groups as the National Prevention Network, the National Coalition for Family Literacy, the National Association for Child Care, the National Service Learning Conference, and the US Dept. of the Interior.

• John created The Magic Is In You!™ , a motivational show designed to teach positive values to students, seen by over 750,000 young people nationwide. His first video based on the program won a prestigious First Place Silver Telly Award.

• Coming from a professional acting background, he’s created and performed in a number of original magical/theatrical works; including The Many Faces of Magic, Panache, A Leak In The Universe, The Nutcracker, Nostradamus/Renaissance Now, The Ancient Shaman, and The Storyteller and The Unicorn.

• He’s made over one hundred television appearances (as performer, actor, and producer), including guest host of PM Magazine, commercials for Chevrolet, various Educational Television productions, and was featured in the Disney film Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.

• John is Vice President of the Society of American Magicians, former Vice President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, initiate of the Mystic Alliance of Secret Knowledge, and founder of S.C.A.M., (South Carolina Association of Magicians), which awarded him “Magician of the Year” in 2005. A colleague and former Magician of the Year, Dave Tanner, said “No-one deserves that award more than John, now or ever!” He’s won high honors and respect from his peers, including a Presidential Citation from the International Brotherhood of Magicians.



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